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Elda silva

Elda is a PMU artist from Miami. When we met her she told us "Look, I love my work, I love creating and having the privilege of putting on the faces of people who trust me" , she also told us "The difficult part is that I am in Miami" Referring to the complicated Miami's Red Sea market.

The fact was simple

Some self employees say that the most difficult thing is to start but if we add to that doing it in a city with a high level of competitiveness like Miami, we understand what Elda was referring to, in this short sentence.

Miami is a 'Red Sea' market as we say in red tide marketing. This refers to sport fishing, as when the fish begin to bite each other and dye the sea red, that's how red the market can get in the city of the sun.


Regarding the needs of this personal brand, we were able to identify the following:

  • Elda needed to create a brand, one that is competitive, fresh and consolidated over time.

So we plan to create your content in 3 phases:


We created an operational wheel, from which we could monitor the progress and behavior of all the material created. We highlight your personal, professional and communication attributes. We linked your brand to global influencers such as Stefania Fernández, Miss Universe 2009, and we also made use of micro influencers to consolidate the brand.


Elda Silva - Stefania Fernández

Social Media Content Creation

When we share other people's experience of our products, the effects are definitely amazing. Increase the number of interactions, of generated leads, of sales. So without getting too complicated we started doing it and here we leave some samples.






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