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Intensive Training in Visual Communication
By Juan C. Anez

The world of communication is moving fast; every time, design services in general are more requested by small companies, however it is not a secret the cost that it can represent for such. This Intensive Training proposal seeks to train anyone without knowledge to handle tools at a conceptual, artistic and communicational level in the world of project communication.


Train people without knowledge about design and how to handle communication tools that help them solve the visual needs of their business projects. Covering the graphic, audiovisual, web and business areas.


Online through the Zoom ® platform. Individual or couple classes that share the same level and class.


Total academic hours: 

Theoretical part: 6 weeks (two classes per week of an hour and a half, total of 12 classes)

Practical part: 2 weeks (45 minute project review classes)

Final project

The final project will be evaluated by a qualifying jury via Zoom, everything learned during the course will be put into practice. 

Cost $ 700

There are two forms of payment, weekly or cash.


Weekly requires a down payment of $ 100 and 10 weekly installments of $ 60


Cash: with an almost 15% discount, $ 600

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