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What is this about?

It is a course designed to enter the universe of digital editing and photo retouching programs. The course is prepared to adapt to your needs. With Photoshop you can make from movie posters to business cards, it all depends on what you want.

It is not a traditional online course where you do not have feedback, it is totally personalized and you will have comprehensive advice throughout the process.

That  you'll learn?

When you register, we will send you a form to find out what the orientation of your course is.


Why Photoshop with Purpose?

Because unlike other courses that generalize the program, we will adapt the course according to your needs, we will train you in the area of your preference, be it editorial, brand, special effects, etc.

How many levels does the course have?

The course consists of four  levels.

Level I (Open Enrollment)

The first level is a general tour of the tools, layer, filters, actions, layer options, shape tool, color. Focused as we said to your area of interest.

Each level has a duration of 4 classes of 45 minutes.

We will provide step guides that we will study one by one via video call, we will do practical exercises each class.

Points to work on:


  • Selection Tools and Basic Compositions

  • Masks and Layers

  • Cutting and Transformation Tools

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Fonts, Guides and Grids

  • Advanced Selections

  • Shape Tools and  Smart objects

  • Color Management, Curves, Channels and Masks

Who can take the course?

  • All who wish to learn this digital tool.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to edit specific things about designs made in PSD.

Levels II, III and IV will be opened progressively.


Promotion price $ 60 each class, if you pay all classes together $ 200

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